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SO.GE.di.CO. S.R.L.
August 2020


Myrilia took care of the lighting of the two external structures of the casino: the reservoir and the tower. The cylindrical reservoir is 3,5mt high, has a 16mt diameter and is placed on a 10mt high base. The upper part - 3mt high with a 16mt diameter for a total of 151 square mt - is the one we lighted up. The parallelepiped tower is 17,5mt high with 4mt sides. Myrilia illuminated the sides from a 3,5mt height to the top for a total of 224 sqare mt. To light these structures we used 64000 RGB LED sources controlled through a DMX system with 8192 channels; the sources are based on custom rigid circuits studied specifically for this installation. The aluminum panels were painted with a highly reflecting white and were also cabled in advance to make the installation process easier. All components have a IP67 protection grade.

Products used: Custom made in Italy