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Our complete range

Myrilia’s products are versatile and suitable for different environments and applications. We follow each creation phase of our lighting fixtures custom made in Italy: technical project and consultation, prototypes and production. Other than studying custom lighting fixtures, we also created a range of standard products than can be modified according to our Customers requests. Myrilia’s offer becomes so a mix of custom and standard products, to offer solutions always innovative and efficient. We customize our products in mechanics, electronics, and control but also in the choice of the color rendering, measured with the two methods most used at the moment: CRI or TM 30-15 (fidelity index and gamut index).

Big spaces

MYRILIA corpo illuminante Radius.jpg
The properties of the products in this range are:
  • Cooling system Heat Pipe;
  • High power.

 Suitable for the lighting of environments such as:

  • warehouses;
  • stadiums;
  • showrooms;
  • indoor stadiums.

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MYRILIA corpo illuminante Deimos-111.jpg
Wide and versatile range where you can find: 
  • fixed recessed lighting fixtures;
  • directable recessed lighting fixtures;
  • disappearance recessed lighting fixtures;
  • wall applique lighting fixtures;
  • trimless structures;
  • external structures with customizable shapes and coating. 

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Characteristics of the range:
  • inox steel AISI 316L coating;
  • thick anodized aluminum (80 micron) coating;
  • treatments specified to resist to:
    • chlorine corrosion;
    • salt corrosion;
    • electrolysis.
  • possibility to use resins that are suitable for high-pressure conditions.

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Street and park lighting

Hi-tech range with a minimal look. Characteristics:
  • extrusion aluminum
    • high heat conductivity;
    • smaller dimensions.
  • Silicone lens:
    • higher efficiency;
    • great resistance to external agents;
    • certified IP 67 protection;
    • protection against vandalism (resistance for hits and tampering).

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